Iceandplug Model Q25

Iceandplug Model Q25

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12V Portable Air Conditioners



 Model Q25   

Just add ice, plug it in and get continuous COLD AIRFLOW !

The most affordable, easy to use and reliable A/C in the market.

Ideal for; Boat cabins, Sailboats, Campers, Camping, Tents, Hunting cabins, RV's, Vehicles, Aircrafts, Truck cabins, Pet Cooler, Small rooms, Office, Power Outages, Surveillance units, Tractor cabins, CPU cooling system or whatever other uses you can think of ! 

Great as a spot cooler while working in your garage !

25 qts. Marine ice chest. (18"L x 11"W x 13"H). with convenient large handles and convenient water drain assembly.

Weights 8 lbs. empty, 28 lbs. full weight aprox.

Powerfull but quiet 138 CFM (cubic feet per minute) fan, noise: 48 dB(A).

6 ft. long cable w/ cigarrete lighter plug adaptor with fuse overload protection and led power indicator.

Maximum energy consumption (800 mA. less than 1.0 Amp).

Temperature can change as much as 35 F between inner and outer airflow.

Ice capacity; one 20 Lbs. ice bag.

One full charge of ice will last 2-3+ hours, depending on the ambient temperature.

Ventilation duct is flexible, turns and extends. 

The removable duct stores inside cooler when not in use.

This unit is completely self-contained. No assembly or additional parts required. 

You can run your 12V portable A/C from a standard 110 volt outlet from your house or office by using an AC/DC Power Converter for sale here under accessories.

 HOW DOES IT WORK: The iceandplug Q25 model Works by forcing ambient air through a high speed silent fan into the cooler filled with ice. Cool air is exiting  through a 4" flexible duct providing a comfortable temperature in those hot summer days. Just fill the chest with ice, preferably block ice and connect it into a 12V DC plug and enjoy the comfort of continuous COLD AIRFLOW! Replace excess water with new ice as required.