Iceandplug Model Q25PLUS

Iceandplug Model Q25PLUS

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12V Portable Air Conditioners



Model Q25PLUS

 Just add Ice, water and plug it in to get a continuous cold airflow!

 The most affordable, easy to use and reliable A/C in the market.

 Ideal for Boat cabins, Sailboat cabins, Campers, Camping tents, Surveillance units, Hunting cabins, Vehicles, Truck cabins, Aircrafts, Golf-Carts, Pet cooler, Small rooms, Small Office, Power Outages and any other use you can think of !

 Temperature can change as much as 35F, between inner and outer temps.

 This unit is completely self-contained, no assembly or additional parts required.

 25 qts. ice chest (18"L x 11"W x 15"H) with convenient large handles.

 Ice capacity; 20 lbs. One full charge of ice will last 4-5+ hours, depending on the outside temperature.

 6 ft. long cable with 12V plug with fuse overload protection and power led indicator.

 Maximum energy consumption (2.6 Amps).

 Powerful but quiet 138 CFM fan. Fan noise: 45 Db(A)

 Cooling capacity radiator (heat exchanger)

 600 GPH high delivering marine water pump.

 Weights 8 lbs. empty, 24 lbs. full of ice.

 Flexible, turns and extendable aluminum ventilation duct, removable duct  stores inside the cooler when not in use.

 Convenient water drain assembly.

HOW IT WORKS: The iceandplug model Q25PLUS works by forcing ambient air through a high capacity radiator (heat exchanger) cooled by iced cold water recirculated by a 600 GPH Marine water pump. Cool air is blown through a high speed (138 CFM) silent fan exiting through a 4" flexible duct providing a comfortable temperature in those hot summer days.

Just fill the chest with ice, add water (1 qts.) and connect it into a 12V DC power source to enjoy the comfort of continuous COLD AIRFLOW ! You can run your 12V portable A/C from a standard 110 volt in your house or office by using an AC/DC Power Converter for sale here under accessories.