Use ice’nplug 12 volt Portable Air Conditioners any where with your car battery, Emergency power pack, Generator or with an AC/DC Power converter in your home or office.



Imagine you have to drive that car with broken A/C in this hot weather, ice’nplug Can help you solve the problem. This unit is not intended to replace a vehicle factory A/C.



it can take more than 30 minutes between taxi, take off and get into a higher altitude in order to start feeling your airplane cabin or helicopter cooler, with Ice’nplug you can be much more comfortable in the meantime.

Truck cabins

 In some states is against the law to keep your truck idle while you sleep at night, not to mention the cost of the fuel, with Ice’nplug you just connect it to your cigarette plug adaptor a moment before going to sleep and you'll get a cooler and comfortable cabin for a few bucks of ice only.


Boat cabins, sailboats

Never again sleep inside your boat without the comfort of Ice’nplug that will chill your cabin area without adding humidity to the air and you’ll get a really good sleep.


Campers, RV's

Campers, RV'sCampers, RV'sDon’t run your camper A/C all night, with Ice’nplug you can cool your bedroom area nice and easy before go to sleep.


Camping, tents

You’ll never go to camping without Ice’nplug again!, the comfort that gives you inside your tent is like getting an upgrade to a 5 ***** hotel room! 


Hunting cabins

It can get very hot when hunting, use Ice’nplug to relax in comfort while in the outdoors.


Pet cooler

No need to leave your car or SUV running for the A/C to chill you car, it is dangerous and expensive. WARNING: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG INSIDE YOUR CAR DISREGARDED, INSIDE TEMP. CAN GET TO 120F OR MORE!


Power outages, broken central A/C

Murphy's law says that when this happens, the temperature inside your home will be 80, 90 or 100 degrees for sure. Ice’nplug can help you get through this situation in comfort, chilling a small room or office while your power is restored or your central A/C is fixed!